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Mobile World Congress: Back on track!

From the 28th of February until the 3rd of  March 2023 is when Fira venue in Barcelona will host the Mobile World Congress (MWC), in its 18th version. The wireless industry gathering, which brings together more than two thousand exhibitors and more than ten thousand visitors, is cataloged as “the largest and most influential event in the world for the connectivity industry”, as states the MWC site. 


Why is the Mobile World Congress important?

The leading trade fair for the mobile phone market is a good opportunity to establish contacts with global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers and vendors, and position your product, business or idea. The main topics to be addressed will be related to 5G acceleration, virtual reality, financial technology, among others. 

  In order to visit the trade show it is necessary to pre-register online. In relation to the exhibitors, there have been many applicants but only 48 companies in the mobility information and communications technology (ICT) sector will have the opportunity to set up their exhibition stand.

What should an exhibition stand have?

It is a recurring question among those who want to offer their product or service. First of all, both the design and the assembly of the stand should not be random. At a trade show event you will find a lot of competition and there will be little time to capture the maximum attention of your customers. 


The varied competition and the limited time are not only the obstacles that will confront the exhibitor. As well there is another issue: capturing the visitor’s attention of the trade show event. 

  A bad decision could cost dearly, such as losing potential clients. Which is why you may wonder how to get customers to stop at your exhibition stand and spend some of their time. In FA we have some tips and advice. 


  • Interactive Experience: take advantage of technology and its resources. Make your client not only a spectator, but rather an accomplice involved in your stand and live the experience so that your stand will be remembered. One of the options is to go to virtual reality or augmented reality.


  • Define size strategically: more is not always better. Take advantage of all the spaces and optimize your exhibition stand.


  • Location: it is crucial to make your stand an accessible place. Therefore think of smart entrances that invite the attendee to enter your trade show stand.


  • Give something in return: souvenirs or gifts are always a good way to pamper your customer. Leave them with a memory.


  • Memorable stand design: attract with bold colors and stand out from the crowd with a unique and innovative design. Take advantage of the space of your stand and give it visibility with elements that mark your added value.


  • Lighting: take full advantage of the lights and use them to highlight something in particular that you want to highlight: a product, photography, etc. 
       In case you would like to get a quick cost overview for your stand at the MWC23, please check our stand calculator. Just enter size and required elements and in no time we will generate a price range for you.

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