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CONSTRUMAT 2023 Barcelona IS COMPLETE. Let's do a checklist before the fair.

What do you need to exhibit at Construmat Barcelona? Here is the Checklist before the fair.

The space is already occupied by more than 180 exhibitors who will meet in Hall 1 of the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue. The organization informs that some space is still available in a new area of stands abroad, between halls 1 and 2.
In general, and for all fairs, the first step is to assess the objectives and target of the event. After that you have to calculate the costs of participation.

In the case of Construmat 2023, you must first fill out a Pre-registration Sheet

and pay the REGISTRATION RIGHTS which are €250 + VAT. Then, you have to select the space for the stand according to the budget and there are those starting at 3,600 euros.
Questions to ask the organizers of Construmat Barcelona before the event:
  • How big is my booth? What is included (furniture, chairs, etc?)
  • Will there be electrical outlets available? Wifi?
  • What is the assistance offered?
  • Which are the schedules?
  • Will there be snacks and food on site?

Checklist before the fair. How to plan participation in a fair like Construmat 2023 Barcelona

Are you an Event Manager and you wonder what aspects you should evaluate before preparing your company’s exhibition stands during an event in Barcelona?
We offer you a complete checklist from the first moment to the last of the organization of the fair.
  1. Set goals and motivations.
  2. Establish your budget: Define a realistic budget for participation in events and exhibition setups, considering all costs, including space rental, exhibition stand construction, transport of materials, personnel expenses, material rental, catering, promotional activities , etc. All actions must obviously respect the budget available for participation in the fair, trying to maximize the effectiveness of the investments made. To maximize the effectiveness of the investments, we recommend you plan ahead, defining a detailed plan and trying to anticipate all possible expenses, to avoid surprises and unforeseen events.
  3. Reserve exhibit space as soon as possible to ensure a good location
  4. Booth Design: Of course one of the critical phases is to entrust the design and construction of the stand to a trusted professional who will make a stand that fulfil the marketing functions and is on time and in line with the budget. The booth construction professional presents various project and budget options. You have to optimize the space available for the stand, avoiding leaving empty spaces and betting on originality and creativity in the assembly.

Collaborate with reliable and quality suppliers

Avoid negative surprises and guarantee maximum results with the available         budget. You will then need to review the proposals and handle internal approval taking care to keep the deadlines tight.
Also evaluate if you need extra corporate staff such as hostesses, catering, etc. and rental of equipment: multimedia equipment, etc.
When planning your booth design make sure you follow a certain timeline.
For Construmat 2023 we are a bit ahead of the times but it is still possible to make a small-medium sized stand.
To know the estimated price of the project you can use our stand cost calculator.
  1. Examine carefully the documents of the organization of the fair and the terms for the reservation of services, including extras and insurance.
  1. Hotel and travel reservations to manage reservations. Keep in mind that the hotels near the fair are reserved year after year by regular exhibitors, reducing availability.
  1. Select a professional for photos and videos.
  1. Plan and prepare sales and marketing materials.
  1. Coordinate logistics: shipping to the fair, handling at the fair (need for forklifts or others), storage and collection of products at the end of the fair. Confirm dates and details with vendors for shipping, fair handling, setup, and teardown. Make a specific checklist for logistics that also includes all the materials that must be prepared to be sent to the fair.
  1. Make sure all interested parties know the correct dates and scope of requested services. If the staff that works at the stand is going to have particular clothes (clothes with a logo, uniforms, etc.), begin to order them.
  1. Verify the need for passes for the assembly/disassembly of the stand and, where appropriate, provide them to all suppliers/staff who need access to the two phases.

How to organize a fair like Construmat 2023. Increase the volume of business thanks to a fair.

  1. Intensifies the promotion of the presence at the fair. Send press releases and inform customers. Consider making an email campaign themed around the fair. Implement the previously defined digital marketing campaign.
  1. Take charge of coordinating the sales force in case of visits to the stand, product presentations, etc. Prepare a list of potential clients/guests invited to the booth with date of visit, first name, last name, position, etc.

Team coordination and meeting with clients

  1. Provide the company team that will be on duty at the fair with the daily attendance table for the supervision of the stand, complete with the mobile phone number of each one. Make sure booth staff are trained in how to handle visitors. Share goals and motivation so that all staff are aligned. Especially in the case of new products, make sure that the staff knows the product and has the ability to present it and answer technical questions. Make sure all staff know how to write Visit Report and/or Visit Log in CRM as visit reports and/or logs will need to be written in CRM for all contacts. In fact, reporting all information completely and correctly will be useful for your post-show campaign.
  1. For meetings with clients, organize the booth with meeting rooms. If this is not possible, make sure there are areas with tables where customers/potentials and vendors can talk in peace.
  1. Make sure that there is no inattention by the staff at the stand. The behavior of everyone at the fair is the image of the company. There should be no loosely dressed people. Organize coffee and lunch breaks so that the stand is always attended.
  1. Check that everything goes according to the objectives that the company has set. Make professional videos to fuel communication on social media and for future B2B marketing communication.
  1. If you are going to make a presentation at the fair, plan, rehearse, and fine-tune your presentation well in advance of the event. If necessary, reserve a presentation room at the fair, make sure you have everything you need. For example: ability to project videos, audio amplification, microphones, etc. Make presentations as simple and direct as possible. Just focus on a few key messages. Make sure those preparing the presentation stick to the common goal of the event. Organize a catering so that at the end of the presentation the vendors can talk to the participants and gather information. Identify a specific, measurable goal for your presentation, such as driving lead generation or brand awareness in your target market.
With these tips we hope you arrive more prepared for your next fair in Barcelona.
Fair Appearance takes care of everything so that you only carry the essentials so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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