Sideshow – Especially in public exhibitions – or if you have the intention to promote additional highlights towards the media and the public, you should consider generating additional attention with sideshows.
With sideshows we mean public and media-effective actions within or outside of the fairground before or at the time of your presentation in Barcelona, such as:

– Fun activities,
– Coorporate evenings,

– Booth action,

– City Booths,

– etc….

These activities aim at increasing the attention ( “Visibility”) for your business, your company philosophy, your products and / or services.
We will be pleased to present a range of possible options.

On-Site sideshow

Whether directly at the entrance of the exhibition grounds,
at the entrances of different exhibition halls,
in the corridors,
on especially built platforms,
or directly at your booth.

Our complete package includes:

– Advice on choosing the right location
– Procurement of necessary permits
– Development of design and design options
– Installation of the selected construction
– Comprehensive care with all additional services (Logistics, staff, technology, catering, etc.)

We try to do everything possible according to your desire.
Also your customers and business partners can be integrated in the activities.
Be assured: We offer a wide range of classical product presentation to daring “guerrilla marketing”. Your goals determine the location and the contents.

Allow Fair Appearance to give your trade show in Barcelona an extra boost.

Off-Site sideshow

Whether on the busiest places of the city,
or within the scope of local events, taking place at the same time,
whether mobile in the cityscape,
or at traffic junctions,
on the access roads to the fairgrounds,
or already at the airport or in railway stations,
at an off-location that suits your business,
outdoor or indoor.

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