Pop-Up Office

Regardless of whether you are coming to Barcelona for a fair, a congress or a board meeting, for a sports event or to make the first step for developing a market in Spain – in all these cases it may be necessary not to create your own fixed structures in the very beginning.

Pop-up office: for all these projects mentioned above you want to rely on a functioning and efficient bureaucratic infrastructure.

You need assistance for coordination and organization?
You want to be relieved from routine work?
You want to make sure that the progress of your project is documented?
Quick accessibility and electronic communication has to be guaranteed?
You would like to expediently align your external contacts to customers, business partners and the media?

These are only some of the good reasons to invest in a pop-up-office for a limited time.

The team of Fair Appearance is offering this service. We are ready to rent an office according to your requirements and to provide the necessary technology as well as qualified staff. The scope of our services reaches from one man/woman assistance up to a complete bureaucratic organization.
Fair Appearance can do far more than work on your instruction only. We are ready to participate with our “local knowledge”, our experience and our well established network in Barcelona.

A pop-up-office is an investment that definitely pays off. Fair Appearance, a contact well worthwhile.