Meeting room Barcelona

Exhibitions are offering plenty occasions for special events with customers, employees, the media, business partners,  etc .
However, the desired frame is rarely found on the booths themselves.
Meeting room Barcelona – Fair Appearance is able to come up with interesting options and make an exclusive offer.
In the environment of the exhibition grounds: In close walking distance to the exhibition center (Gran Via Venue) we have direct access to the following, attractively priced versions:

  1. Two meeting rooms for 20 and 40 people
  2. An auditorium (suitable for product presentations) for up to 90 participants
  3. A hall for business meals for approx.  150 people

But even if you look for something special, for instance off- locations that  your guests will remember for a long time, we can propose all kind of conceivable options. The variation ranges from traditional restaurants to cultural and historical buildings with landmark character.

At the Exhibition Centre

Certainly, there is also an appropriate choice directly at the exhibition grounds. We will be pleased to assist you with the selection and the booking.
Please contact Fair Appearance well in advance, as the offer is in great demand and therefore booked out early.
We are happy to also coordinate details of the required event technology and the scope of desired services with you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.