Logistics Barcelona

A multitude of logistical challenges need to be addressed before successfully exhibiting at a trade fair.
Logistics Barcelona – If one underestimates the related questions, consequences may be fatal.

Logistics Barcelona – Why not simply leaving all the logistics to Fair Appearance ?

Based on our experience and know-how, Fair Appearance will manage all your logistics. In cooperation with local service providers and international forwarding agents we are ready to plan and coordinate all shipping logistics as well as on-site construction and dismantling. We can count on a proven network of road, sea and airfreight carriers. That guarantees for an excellent coordination and on-time delivery at your booth. We can also handle custom issues and deal with local authority regulations. This not only for delivery but also for possible local sales or return transport.

  1. Our experience and our know-how allow to offer an optimized full service package.
  2. We are ready to adjust our services to your specific needs giving you full control to our activities.
  3. We are always near at hand and flexible, ready to solve even unusual last-minute challenges.
  4. We want to avoid any stress, so that you can concentrate on your business.
    You can be sure that logistics will not be giving you sleepless nights.

Fair-Appearance: an address well worth getting in touch.