Last minute services

Even with a most careful preparation you sometimes have to expect the unexpected.

Last minute services – In addressing the challenges external assistance is required, as your own ressources for corrections often are limited. Fair Appearance is ready to help. We are always available immediately before and during the exhibition at all times.

Fair Appearance is located with its warehousing and production facilities in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition . We are happy to help you, even if it has to be very quickly:

  1. Are signs / posters missing at the booth?
  2. Do you need to have flyers or business cards printed?
  3. Do you need to supplement your consumable supplies?
  4. Does your booth need correction of blemishes?
  5. Are merchandising products missing?
  6. You need a shuttle?
  7. Are you searching for storage options close to the exhibition grounds?
  8. Is a micro or beamer not working?
  9. Would you like to invite guests for lunch / dinner at short notice?
  10. Do you need a Hotel reservation?
  11. You suddenly need additional furniture / additional staff?

Whatever uncertainties have to be resolved at short notice:

Fair Appearance is here for you!